Inspiring and equipping God’s church to be welcoming and accessible to all, especially those who are so often marginalised by society and even the church because of learning disability.

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 Coronavirus update Spring 2021

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We have a YouTube channel! Search for Count Everyone In on YouTube or click directly through to:-

You’ll find a range of useful resources including:

Daily Bible readings and thoughts for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost

Worship songs and a signed version of The Lord’s Prayer

Awareness raising and information

Undated Bible reading notes, including Bible text, thought and prayer each day:-

  •  Who is Jesus? – 14 days £2.50
  • Jesus returns to heaven and what happened next – 14 days £2.50
  • The Holy Spirit – 7 days by Chrissy Cole £2.50
  • Prayer – 30 days by Keith & Gill Barnard £4.50
  • Christmas is coming – 25 readings for Advent £4.50
  • Easter – 9 days £2.50

     Please get in touch if you would like to make a provisional booking for Know & Grow Training 1, 2 or Makaton.

     Check back here for updates and in the meantime stay safe and may our great big God bless you.



     Our vision is for every church in England and Wales to welcome adults with learning disabilities so that they can know Jesus and grow in him.