Pete & Christine’s News – April 2021

A busy Easter for CEI. Answered prayer over the Easter Celebration which was a great success. Read about our other events and activities and pray for us. God does nothing without our prayers. Pete & Christine’s News – April 2021

Pete & Christine’s News – March 2021

March’s news contains details of our Easter Celebration on April 1st and news about the holiday at Le Pas  Spring Harvest, France. This and much more :- Pete & Christine’s News -March 2021

Pete & Christine’s News – February 2021

Another month in lockdown but that doesn’t stop us from producing our newsletter to you!  This month’s theme is kindness and there is news of events and resources to encourage you. Also a news flash – a CEI  Celebration of Easter – 1st April at...

Pete & Christine’s News – January 2021

Strange times we are living in but there is hope. This month’s news shares the success of the Advent Bible series and looks forward to events happening in 2021. Pete & Christine’s New – January 2021

Pete & Christine’s News – December 2020

Early this month but as you will see there are several items you would be interested in knowing about right now – so take note and join in with the fun! Pete & Christine’s News – December 2020