We are taking bookings from churches and groups for September 2021 onwards for Know & Grow 1 & 2, subject to any Covid restrictions.
Know & Grow 1 helps understanding of learning disability, the challenge for churches and how to set up a ministry group for adults
Know & Grow 2 includes a look at sexual relationships, mental health, healing, bereavement and more in relation to adults with learning disabilities
Know & Grow Makaton – developed by CEI and the Makaton Charity to provide Christian language signs and symbols as well as eveyday language.
Details and costs of this, and also generic Makaton training from:-

Latest Past Events

Know & Grow Makaton Pilot

Tynings Lane Church, Tynings Lane, Aldridge Tynings Lane, Aldridge

Learn how to sign Makaton in a worship context as well as in everyday situations.