News and prayer update January 2018
So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you. Don’t turn away from his commands to the right or the left. Live exactly as the Lord your God has commanded you to live. Then you will enjoy life in the land you will soon own. Things will go well with you there. You will live there for a long time.  Deut 5:32,33 (NIrV)
It’s New Year’s Eve.

There is a deep sense of nostalgia and thankfulness as we look back at the ways in which God has led us in 2017. At the same time, we look forward with excitement and anticipation at what is yet to come.  The past year has taught us much about trusting God, especially when the way ahead seemed impossible, and we have to admit to being slightly impatient to see how 2018 will unfold. It is such a privilege to share in the task of building God’s kingdom so that people who are often overlooked or forgotten may take their places. We are grateful for your prayers and words of encouragement that have helped more than you will ever know. Please pray that we are faithful to what has been entrusted to us and that others will come on board too.

We continue to be thankful for the friendship, wisdom and prayer of our support group and we are delighted to include a photo from our last meeting. Most of them have been meeting with us two or three times a year for the past 16 years!
The journey towards Count Everyone In having charitable status has just begun and we shall keep you informed.
If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, yours is probably looking similar to ours; with just the faintest signs of new life, it is hard to believe that winter is vital to the health and fruitfulness of the plants. For us, the winter season is a time of preparation for what we shall be doing in the summer festivals; without planning, negotiating and writing now there will be nothing to present in the summer.  We are also preparing for a number of church engagements and the new ‘Know and Grow’ training days. Please pray that we are effective and fruitful.

There are now six churches/groups that have signed up to be Friends With Count Everyone In. Do get in touch if you are interested.

Thank you to those who have given financial support and to those who may not have felt able to give but have prayed for our needs to be met. God is good!

Prayer pointers:

  • Faithfulness to what God has called us to do
  • For others to join in
  • Charitable status
  • Effective writing, discussing and planning
  • Good contacts and opportunities
2018 Count Everyone In will be at:

Exhibiting for Biblica, Leicester (New Wine) 10 March
Word Alive, Prestatyn            7-12 April
Catalyst Festival, Stoneleigh            27 or 28 May
Spring Harvest Holidays, France            4-11 June
Keswick Convention            23-27 July
Westpoint Event, Exeter            24-26 August
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Some diary dates:
Thursday 4th
Meeting in Salisbury with Lydia from the Lodge Trust
Fri 5th/ Sat 6th
Overnight guests – meeting for mutual support
Tuesday 9th
Encounter prayer meeting at St Nic’s
Wednesday 10th
Saturday 13th
a.m. St Nic’s prayer team ‘How to support people with mental health issues’
p.m. 10th birthday of ‘Shine’ group, Melksham
Tuesday 16th
Visit Christine’s dad in St Albans, followed by Prayer & Encouragement meeting of groups in Herts, Beds & Cambs.
Wednesday 17th
Sunday 21st
Ability Sunday 10:00 am service with Open Hands and Christ Church, Guildford
Wednesday 24th
All day meeting about possible development of resources
Wednesday 31st
Do keep in touch and let us know how we can pray for you.
With love in Jesus,
Pete & Christine
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